Good night, Good night greetings message,


Good night
Good night greetings message

You know why night comes
So that you forget the frustrations of the day
You can dream again
“Good night”

Motivation Phrases for New Year 2022 !! Happy New Year 2022!

The thought of light clouds
Forgetting thoughts
A sweet moon
Saying you have night.
O passenger of dreams
Good night i
n sms.


The petals of the flowers are calling to you with a sweet smile,
He peeked and said, "This is your night,
Sky blue fairies say this time after sleeping.
*** “Good night” ***


If all the colors of the earth merge and become black
Yet you will remain colored, because only if you close your eyes
I look at you like a princess.
- Good night -


The sky flies here with infinite blue wings,
The gloomy morning of dreams awaits her,
This horizon stands still at noon,
Does anyone call at the border of the eye?
Silent deep Maya?
–Good night–


Only night knows your pillow
How much grief you hid
It also knows what kind of person you are
“Good night”


The darkness of the night has a special quality
A lot can be seen
Which cannot be seen in daylight
- Human character
“Good night”


You fall asleep without thinking about me
It can't be worn ..
When you go to sleep, you remember me ..
You can't stop your mind.
This is love. 
"Good night"


Night is not just darkness
Night means point point light
If you want to overcome all obstacles in life
It is better to stay the night
_ “Good night”


Evening is your red sky,
The night of the mind's mistake.
Some of them are not sleeping,
Wake up with you
Good night


"The sun will teach you to be happy with everyone
The moon will teach you to live with yourself
_ “Good night”


"Sleeping in the silent night, the fairies are smiling softly,
Remember this letter of my friendship.
My friend gave me my heart to see you,
This time, if you don't sleep after sleeping .."
–Good night - **

Motivation Phrases for New Year 2022 !! Happy New Year 2022!

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