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Dreams are not what people see in their sleep; Dreams are the expectation of fulfillment, not letting people sleep.

- APJ Abdul Kalam

-APJ Abdul Kalam


There may be obstacles in the way of life, so there is no time to stop, you have to start again from where the obstacles come.

- Redwan Masood



 No girl in the world leaves six cars and goes with six-pack boys, so stop going to the gym and go to work.

- Robert Mugabe



 It is not your fault if you are born poor, but it is your fault if you die poor.

- Bill Gates

- Bill Gates


Never break down. Everything that is lost in the world, in any other form, just comes back to life.

-Mawlana Jalauddin Rumi.



Nurture your vision and dreams like your own child because these will be the reflection of your ultimate achievement.

-Napoleon Hill



 It is much more honorable to be loved by a fourth-class employee than to need a first-class officer.

- Redwan Masood



There is only one thing that stands between your dream and you - that is the excuse! From the moment you stop making excuses and start working, your dreams will no longer be dreams - they will start to come true!

-Jordan Belfort




 An average person speaks. A good man explains. A superior man shows up to work. A good man inspires others so that they can see the work as their own.

- Harvey Mackay



You can get what you want in life if you help others make sure they want it.

- Jig Ziggler



I failed a few subjects in the exam once but my friend passed all the subjects. Now he is a Microsoft engineer and I am the founder of Microsoft.

- Bill Gates

- Bill Gates



 Being happy is not the ultimate success of life, but being able to keep someone happy is the greatest success of life.

- Redwan Masood



If I am given an hour to solve a problem, I think about the problem for 55 minutes and think about the solution for the remaining 5 minutes.

- Albert Einstein



The darkness of bad times sometimes opens the door to the brightest moment in our lives.

- Anonymous



The number of times I can be successful depends directly on how many times I fail and keep trying.

-Tom Hopkins



There is no word for "impossible" in my dictionary

- Napoleon Bonaparte



 Nothing lasts in this world, not even our problems

- Charlie Chaplin



 The difference between receiving and expecting is sorrow. So lower your expectations a little, you will see that your grief has also decreased.

- Redwan Masood



 In order to rediscover life, sometimes you have to give up everything and get lost!

-Erol Ozan



 Where is the joy of winning easily? The bigger the obstacle, the greater the joy of victory!




 Nurture your goals and dreams as the child of your soul, these will be the design of your ultimate success

Napoleon Hill



 Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us. This world is conspiring to give the best only to those who dream and work.

- APJ Abdul Kalam

apj abdul kalam

Experience- This thing no one can teach anyone. You may be advised by the wisest man in the world, but you will not be able to truly understand until you have experienced it yourself.

- Anonymous




Don't say 'I can't', think about why you can't; Whatever five people can do, you can do it too, whether you can do it or not, if you can't do it once again, see it a hundred times.

- Kaliprasanna Ghosh



 There is nothing to be ashamed of. Repeated mistakes prove one thing - you didn't give up, you kept trying.

- Anonymous



Life means constant running .. Obstacles step by step, bloody wounds in adversity, erasing those wounds and jumping into strong aggression again .. Struggle and success - this is life!

-Roy T. Bennett


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 People learn from mistakes, but that mistake should not be the last mistake of life. Because it may be that the opportunity you missed was the last chance in your life.

- Redwan Masood



There are so many things in life that are beyond your control and you don't even have to worry about them, because you have thousands of things in your hands that you can conquer!

-Roy T. Bennett



 Everyone has a story of life. It is never possible to change the beginning of a story by going back to the past, but with hard work you can rearrange the end of the story if you want.

-Boy Xavier



The measure of true decision is based on the new work you have undertaken. If there is no work at hand, then you have not yet made your true decision.

- Tony Robbins



I've made thousands of mistakes in my life, stumbled thousands of times - and I'm proud of that! Every mistake, every stumble has made me stronger, more turned.

-Drew Barrymore



 There is only one way to fail in a fast changing world and that is not to take risks.

- Mark Zuckerberg

mark zuckerberg


The most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched with the hands, cannot be seen with the eyes, they have to be felt only with the heart - love, kindness, sincerity.

-Helen Keller




Life is an exciting adventure if you know how to live, and a risk-free life is to survive in a chicken coop.

- Anonymous



 Every human being is perfect in his own right, and that is why people make mistakes, because people make the biggest mistakes by thinking that mistakes are perfect.

- Redwan Masood


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 If you don't start chasing your dreams right now, one day you will have to work under others - to make their dreams come true.

- Anonymous



 Keep in mind what is being said, it is not considered who is saying what. Even a beggar on the road can give you the most valuable advice in the world.

- Anonymous



You have the potential to create something bigger than yourself.

- Seth Godin



 Despair is a luxury. Let the place of despair be occupied from today. Satisfied fatigue of the end of work.

- Anonymous



 Education should prepare him to be an entrepreneur or job creator, not to look for a job. If we were to develop young people as job creators, there would be no such thing as unemployment

- Dr. Muhammad Yunus



 What is destined for you, even if it is under two mountains, will reach you. And what is not destined for you, even if it is between two lips, it will not reach you!

-Imam Ghazzali



 The world is like a mirror - the way you treat everyone is the way you get back.

- Anonymous



 He who is afraid of fire cannot use fire.

- Rabindranath Tagore



 Will a life be cut short by sleeping? May life be full of activity, constant inspiration to run. The life of the grave lies forever for rest.

-Hazrat Ali (R)



 Never underestimate yourself, then your own soul will die. When the soul dies, people forget to dream. And without dreams man can never survive.

- Redwan Masood



 Tiny grains of sand, drop by drop water, form continents, oceans abyss.

- Collected



Everything in life should be tried at least once. The Creator has sent every human being with incomparable skills in some way or another, you will never know it unless you try it.

- Anonymous



 A man who has never suffered and is not a burnt man is not desirable to girls. Because suffering makes a man compassionate and tolerant.

- Dennis Robbins



You may have a lack of talent, but it will not be allowed to happen that someone else will work harder than you - the lack of talent must be compensated by hard work, I am his example!

-Derek Jeter


Failure does not mean defeat, failure is the motivation to start all over again. To give up means to lose.

- Anonymous



Wake up, be aware and don’t stop until you reach the goal.

- Swami Vivekananda

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