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Bill Gates has slipped behind the rich list, Bill Gates, bill gates,

Bill Gates has slipped behind the rich list
Bill Gates

They officially parted ways last week. The division of their property has begun. Meanwhile, Bill Gates has transferred a large portion of his shares in various companies to Melinda. Melinda Gates' net worth stands at ৭ 5.6 billion. Bill Gates has dropped out of the top rich list.

According to Forbes' list of real-time billionaires, Microsoft's Bill Gates has slipped from fourth to fifth position. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has come in fourth place in his place.
Bill Gates' net worth stood at thousend 12.98 billion after the transfer.
On Thursday (August 12th), Bill Gates' investment firm Cascade Investments LLC handed over ২৪ 2.4 billion worth of stock to Melinda. The news came in front of the media on Monday. Bill Gates has handed over ্ড 3.2 billion worth of shares to Melinda since announcing the divorce in May.
Melinda received 3.3 million shares of Bill Gates' automation company. The value of which is 39 crore 20 lakh dollars. Melinda owns 7.6 percent of Gates' car company in Florida. He also received 2.7 million shares of Cascade, valued at core 1 billion. Melinda's stake in the Canadian National Railway Company is valued at ১০ 1 billion.

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