How to succeed in life? how to success in life. What is success? 12 key Of success !! how to success !! how to success in life.

 What is success ? 12 key Of success.

Everyone wants to be successful in life . But luckily, success is different for each individual. That is why, before unlocking the secrets of success, you should know what it means to be successful for you. This type of approach is interesting to do since it supposes that you think about what you really want for your life.

What is success

What is success?

In most cases we could say that success is linked to wealth or getting money. On the other hand, other ways of looking at it are to achieve success through fame.

As we can see, the main component of success is obtaining the recognition of others. This happens due to the fact that the human is a social being, and among his basic needs is theacceptance by others.

Another component that creates the need to be successful in life is the feeling of reward that occurs when achieving a goal or objective . The moment you get to what you have dreamed of, your body secretes dopamine, a substance that creates a feeling of satisfaction and is even addictive.

Now that we know why we like to reach the top and the reason why we all want success in life, now the question that may be on your mind is if there is a formula for knowing how to achieve success .

So is there a formula for success? The reality is that although there are premises, the keys to success will depend a lot on what success really means to you. Even so, psychologists have identified certain recommendations that can help you achieve the secret of success in your life.

Keys to success

Sometimes we wonder why the set goals are not working, what has gone wrong in the plan, or what else we can do. It is for this reason, that the secrets of success can go through identifying your goals and following a series of steps that will make you achieve much more.

1. Define your goal

You must be clear about your goal, so that you can focus and achieve it successfully. Define step by step the steps that take you to that goal, and set a time limit to develop each one of them. One of the keys to success is to write down in a notebook each day what you will do on this journey to get a little closer to your goals.

2. Think about winning

Whoever thinks of failure has already failed before trying; Who thinks about winning, takes a step forward


Fight for what you want, analyze the situation and do not stop. You are the one who decides your limits and if you decide that you can do something and you really believe it, you can do it. Don't make your goal a monster to beat, but a motivation, that little great challenge that fills you day by day. One of the secrets of success will be to set small goals and appropriate rewards to motivate you to reach the top of your objectives .

3. Develop a plan

Once you have defined the goal and the steps, pour all your energy into that goal. To be successful in life , one of the keys is organization. Plan yourself, make a schedule, mark the steps you are achieving, remind yourself every day why you are fighting and what makes you happy, look for allies, do not eat steps, if they are marked they are part of the plan. Also, remember that if something goes wrong, it does not mean that you are defeated, try again, analyze the situation once more and change the strategy as many times as necessary. You are no longer a spectator of your dream, you are already part of it.

4. Take advantage of opportunities

There are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities . Therefore, face the challenges and obtain results with a differential value. Remember, we are all capable of achieving important events in our lives; Although it seems difficult, try it as many times as necessary because if you don't risk, you don't lose, but you don't win either. Work on your discipline, create empowering habits that lead you to grow day by day, improve 1% every day and in a year you will be invincible.

5. Surround yourself with positivity

What and who makes you feel good? Well that answer must be your environment. Everything around us influences us to one degree or another, so stay away from what negative, of what makes you feel small and let it positive keep you up. Do not listen to the negatives, the envious, those who have never tried. Unfortunately, the mind is usually focused on avoiding failure, as a way of protection and you will hear many voices that will tell you: "It is very dangerous, you cannot, I would not do it." Just listen to the positives and those who have tried to see where not to fail.

6. Trust yourself

This is a more than basic rule to be successful . Protagoras already said: "man is the measure of all things . " Therefore, do not compare yourself, just measure yourself, you are the measure of everything, and if you are not well, you must begin to be to be successful in your personal , work and filial life. Self-esteem is closely linked to this concept, have a good self-esteem, work it, trust yourself.

7. Make a difference, don't fall for the mean

"All success takes place outside of the comfort zone."

Michael John Bobak

If you do not leave your comfort, you innovate, you form in something new, you become more friendly or courteous than the rest, if you do not make a difference with another aspect, it will be difficult to stand out and be successful . To make a difference you just have to get out of the comfort zone, so you will automatically be making a difference. If your comfort zone takes time away from your purpose, business, partner etc., steal time from that zone.

8. Don't be afraid to fail

Not trying is a daily suicide, and it may become perhaps an eternal thought. The mind tends to procrastinate to protect us and leave things for tomorrow, but tomorrow is an excuse to do nothing today. Do not be afraid to start, failure will always be a cross with which to walk in the case of not achieving it, but the human being has a curious and unique quality that no other species shares and that is: You can always start over. Edison failed 999 times to make the perfect light bulb and fascinated us all with this phrase recorded for history.

"I didn't fail, I only discovered 999 ways how not to make a light bulb."

Thomas alva edison

9. Stay in constant motion

The Hermetic sage used to say:  "Everything is in constant motion, nothing stops, everything flows, nothing is still . " Every day do something, read a little, do a little homework, move with small steps towards your goal. Small steps well walked are what take us to the top of success . Even if it is a day of rest and relaxation, give yourself 10 minutes to think about your goal, a small-scale goal to reach the top. It is important to keep yourself as the hermetic principle in constant motion. Being successful in life is achieved through constant effort through small steps.

10. Get better day by day

Different studies on successful people corroborate that successful people seek small daily improvements. Many times we fall into the occurrence of the great miracle and the magical-mystical change. Well, this can happen if you really have fifteen minutes of your time a day to dedicate to a little miracle. Seek to improve yourself by reading, working on your strengths, seeking help to improve, read the classical philosophers, do good deeds, improve your intellect with some APP. Spending fifteen minutes a day to seek personal improvement in some sense is one of the secrets of success for many people.

11. Inspire others

What is the use of getting the keys to success if you can't inspire others later? Be inspiring, share, help, do not follow the pattern of negative opinions that lives on the net hidden under the mask of hatred. From what you have achieved give to others. Help with what you have earned, share your success and you will reap more success. TO Leader, a successful person, does not hide his success, he helps others to be successful.

12. Reward your achievements, never underestimate your efforts

When you get something, no matter how small, reward yourself. Either way, reward yourself with a compliment, with a whim, with something you want, this will keep you motivated. And remember one last thing: 

"The most influential person you'll talk to all day is you. Be careful what you say to yourself then." 

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