Love messages: Letters to declare to my boyfriend or girlfriend the love that I carry insid

Letters to declare to my boyfriend or girlfriend the love that I carry insid

 I like to write you and send you love phrases, it's like kissing you when I don't have you by my side.

Simple text love messages to copy and paste or inserted into images to share and dedicate to that person we carry in our hearts and convey what we feel.

Short and beautiful love phrases for my partner or relationship

♡ From the first look, your eyes made love to me and it was cute. From the first look, I fell in love.

♡ They may love you and they may even love you, but no one can ever adore you like me.
♡ Even without touching you, you make my heart race. It is your magic.
♡ They ask me about you, I don't say anything, but my smile says it all ... it screams that I love you.

♡ I think of you and smile. It's amazing how just thinking about you brings me peace, joy and happiness.
♡ Just thinking about you my heart smiles, imagine when I can kiss you.
♡ If they tell you that I love you, ignore them, they don't know what they're talking about. I adore you.

♡ A hug from you in the morning and you charge my batteries, you fill me with courage to face the new day. A hug from you when I return and you reactivate me again.
♡ Every time you leave I would like you to stay a little longer, I would settle for it to be a lifetime.
♡ Little by little I gave up all vices except one: my love for you.
♡ My love for you is one of those who speak with their eyes and feel with their heart. Of those sincere and profound.
♡ You are my beginning, my end; my present and my future; with whom I am and with whom I would like to be forever. You are my everything.
♡ There are people who can make me feel many things. But only one that makes me feel them all ... you.
♡ I feel your voice and imagine your mouth, your kisses ... the eternal paradise.
♡ What I feel for you is so immense that I don't know how to tell you, but maybe I can explain it to you with a million kisses.
♡ I give you my heart, it beats only for you, since I met you it is yours and it does not want to live without you.
♡ If you knew everything that I love you, you would leave everything and come running, never to leave me.
♡ When you're not there, I think so much about you that my sighs smell like you.
♡ I have plans to love you for a lifetime ... or two or three, if one is not enough for you.
♡ I would like to give you so many things that I don't have, but since I can't, I give you my life and my heart to love you.
♡ I want to share with you everything I have: my arms, my dreams, the bed, my life.
♡ I would like to have your company forever, as you have my love eternally.
♡ I love you with all my heart, if they tell you something else, do not believe them because they are deceiving you.
♡ You are that enchanted meadow where the wind carried my seed and there it remained to germinate.
♡ You are my shooting star, my promised dream, my forbidden chocolate, my illusion that has not yet come true.
♡ You are that place where one day I arrived and stayed forever, for a lifetime.
♡ You are like a small sorrow that I carry deep within, that only calms down when I have you. You are happiness and suffering.
♡ When I met you, then I understood that I had waited for you and had missed you all my life.
♡ Every time you see a star that shines in the sky, it is a "I miss you", that I send you.
♡ As flowers seek sunlight, so I look for you to be able to live. You are my light.
♡ My day, my night, my whole life, I spend it remembering you, imagining you, dreaming of you, dying of desire for you.
♡ No matter what time you read this, I am always thinking of you.
♡ You live well inside my heart, where no one can take you out, where I never forget you.
♡ I like to look into your eyes every day and thank life for giving me the love that I had dreamed of so much: you.
♡ You are the "why" to all the questions he had asked me in silence.
♡ Loving you is not an option for me, it is the only option.
♡ I vowed never to fall in love again, but I couldn't know that one day you would appear in my life. Oath not kept. Impossible not to fall in love with you.
♡ To start a week with your hand, is to start walking the path to paradise, heaven or whatever it is where happiness is found.
♡ What I feel for you is so great that I can't explain it to you, but I can't hide it from you either.
♡ I feel many things for you: affection, desire, passion, affinity, appreciation, but above all I feel love.
♡ There are people who come into our lives to enlighten us and to bring us peace and blessings. You are one of those people. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for staying.
♡ Thank you for being the reason for my smile, the fulfilled dream of my life, the cause of my happiness. Thank you ... for loving me, for existing.
♡ Because of you I have almost become an astronomer, looking for shooting stars to fulfill my wish of having you.
♡ The important thing is not to live, it is to have someone to live for. I live for you.
♡ That which I carry inside of me is not just love, it is madness for having you, for kissing you, for whispering in your ear so many things that I want to say to you.
♡ Each letter of my messages is a caress, each word a kiss and they all say "I miss you" and I would like to see you again.
♡ My love for you is beautiful like a flower, but it hurts me like its thorns.
♡ You are what is always going through my mind, all the time. You are what stayed to live here inside my heart.
♡ Very great is this love that I carry inside for you, so great, that it does not even let me sleep, so great that it is my illusion to live.

♡ I like you, but not only that, I also think I love you, then I start to think and I realize that I adore you.

♡ Every night when I go to sleep, I wish I could lock the phone, so that the messages with "I love you" do not escape me as always.
♡ I know that meeting you was not an accident, it was the most beautiful gift of fate.
♡ Every time I think about you, I send you nice things. Sorry if it's every day at all hours, that's how I think of you and I want you.
♡ The best thing that could have happened to me is meeting you, being in your life, having you in my heart.
♡ Deep inside of me I carry a very great and sincere feeling: "my love for you".
♡ My love is like a train in the dark of night, with only one destination, only one course, one final stop: you.
♡ I did not believe in luck and destiny, until I met you. Then I realized that meeting was logical and loving each other was inevitable.
♡ I was looking for a love poem and along the way I met you. I never regret it, I read you daily and I never get tired of you. You are the most beautiful poem they have been able to write.
♡ Take my hand, give me your heart and we will create the most beautiful love story in the world.
♡ Inside my heart there is only room for one person: you. I don't know how you got in and I can't get you out.
♡ I don't have a schedule to love you, I love you at all hours, every day of the month, of the year and of the century. This is how I love you.
♡ You may know better people than me, but no one will love you like I love you. Impossible.
♡ The biggest mistake of my life was when I tried to forget you. Luckily my heart did not allow it.
♡ I like you to stay by your side forever and never to be separated from you. That's how I like you.
♡ You arrive, I see you and I like you again like the first time, like the first day.
♡ With you by my side I don't need music, there is no better song than your voice.
♡ My heart knows very well what its destiny is: YOU.
♡ Your love is well within me, where it does not escape me.
♡ If your eyes keep shining, I don't care if the stars go out. They light my way.
♡ In your kisses I could spend a million nights, in your eyes the rest of my life.


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