Love messages, love messages for her, love messages for him, deep love messages for her,

Phrases to dedicate all the love and passion that I feel

Love messages, love messages for her, love messages for him,

Words from the heart to explain what it makes me feel when I see him and confess that I like him and love him like no one I've ever loved.

There are thousands of places in the world, but my favorite place is where you are.

Love messages to tell you everything I feel and that my mouth does not dare to say.
For that person who interests me a lot and does not leave my mind and heart.

Phrases of love to tell you what I feel when I see you

♡ You and I will end up together, I have no proof, but neither doubts.
♡ I saw you, I wasn't looking for anyone, but I saw you. Then everything changed, my life changed, love arrived.
♡ My place is where you are, wherever you go.
♡ I like you so much that I'm afraid that the day I can kiss you, I won't be able to let you go anymore.
♡ I don't know if I love you, love you or just need you, I just know that I feel like never when I'm with you.
♡ I met you and I looked at you in a hundred different ways. Tell you I want that in each one of them I fell in love.
♡ I tell you better what I feel with kisses than with words. When can you hear me?
♡ I love you so much because I always dreamed of many beautiful things and then you came and you made them all come true.
♡ If the eyes took photos, I would have a whole album saved of you.
♡ I met the perfect person, I knew it right away, because you instantly got into my heart.
♡ The best moment of my day is when you arrive ... Also of my night and my whole life.
♡ Since I met you and we looked at each other, I felt the connection between the two, I felt that it would only be a matter of time something between you and me.
♡ Sometimes I love you. When I don't, it's because ... I LOVE YOU.
♡ You told me the cutest thing they ever said to me: "you are the love of my life".
♡ I know you by heart and yet every day I discover beautiful things about you, new things and I fall in love even more.
♡ I met you and then I knew what my destiny was, you.

♡ For you I would go to the end of the world, just to take you a flower.

Phrases of love to tell you what I feel good inside

♡ I hope my hope is fulfilled ... you.
♡ In all my wishes, in all my dreams, all my plans, you are.
♡ You are my pending subject. I need you to approve me.
♡ Since I met you, you are my only plan, my only reason, my future.
♡ I see you and then I forget the thousands of love phrases that I memorized for you, I can only tell you I LOVE YOU in a glance.
♡ Just one minute with you makes my morning perfect. I don't want to imagine having you all day.
♡ When you see that my eyes shine, find out that it is because of you.
♡ Every time you see me, look at my eyes, which silently and without words tell you: "I love you".
♡ My eyes kept in the depths of my heart, the photo of the first day when I met you. It is all my treasure.
♡ I want to drink and get drunk like never before, but from you, with your charms.
♡ When I see you, in my garden the sun rises and the flowers awaken. When I see you, my heart smiles like a child.
♡ I see hundreds of smiles every day, but none of them make me forget yours. For me, like that one, none ...
♡ Every time I see you I fall in love again, it doesn't depend on me, it's inevitable.

Phrases of love so that you know that I love you like nobody else

♡ You are what I never want to end, although really, you are what kills me.
♡ Hopefully see you, hopefully have you, hopefully kiss you, so I spend my day with my mind full of "hopefully" for you.
♡ I love you like never before, like anyone else, to the maximum, almost impossible, as I didn't know you could love yourself. I love you.
♡ Every day I have a love phrase for you, every day until the rest of my life, with them I tell you that I love you like nobody else like nobody I have ever loved.
♡ You came and taught me that my heart is not only to beat, but also to love you.
♡ You look at me and then I feel like I'm invincible. Your eyes have that magic, that power.
♡ When you arrive, you kiss and hug me, I wish it would never end, have a remote control to put everything on pause and thus spend hours or days.

Phrases of love to confess my dreams and wishes

♡ My dream is simple and complicated, beautiful and beautiful, but I don't know if I can achieve it, my dream is you.
♡ Desiring you is what I do mainly, until I can hold you in my arms.
♡ Confessing what I feel is not revealing any secret, no sin, it is just telling you that I love you.
♡ I'll tell you a secret: "My dream every night, it's you.
♡ Every beat of my heart when you arrive is a reason to love you; every kiss, a reason to love you; each "I love you" yours, a reason to adore you.
♡ The most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life has been to fall in love with you. I will never forget it, never.
♡ I saw you and no one pushed me, I just jumped in and jumped eagerly. It's just that I've never seen anyone like you.
♡ What I feel for you is complicated, it is difficult for you to understand me. I could only explain it to you with kisses. If you want we try.
♡ What I feel for you sometimes is something burning that burns me, it is passion; Sometimes it is something sweet that makes me dream of you, it is love.
♡ You are the "hopefully" that does not get out of my head and that I want to be fulfilled.
♡ It's nice to meet someone who just by talking to me, heals my wounds. It's nice to have met you. I guess it must be more beautiful, love you.
♡ The only art I know is to LOVE YOU.
♡ I wish I could stop the clock when you arrive and that time stops running.
♡ I just want a kiss from you and your heart. In return I give you my life and if it seems little to you, you also have all my love.
♡ Give me just one chance and you will see that you like how I am going to love you, as nobody has ever loved you.
♡ Loving you without being happy is beautiful, not loving you but being happy is great, but loving you and being happy too, is glorious.
♡ I met you and it was as if they opened the doors of heaven for me. I met you and then I knew happiness.
♡ I learned to really love only after you came into my life. Then I knew what it is to love.
♡ I wish I could meet you again every day, because you filled me with light, with illusions come true, because you have filled me with life.
♡ When I can have you, then I'll thank all the shooting stars for granting my wish and I'll steal some for you too.
♡ Take my love, it is big, cute, beautiful and it is only for you. There is no greater pleasure than giving it to you, after having secretly cultivated it in my heart.
♡ I did not know what passion was, until I felt my heart jumping like crazy inside my chest, every time you arrive.
♡ You are the answer, you are the cause and also the solution, always you.
♡ These words that I dedicate to you come out of my heart, with them I explain what, within him, I feel for you.
♡ Some dream of getting rich, others of having a mansion, I only dream of one day being the owner of your heart.
♡ Loving you was not in my plans, now I love you and the only plan is not to separate from you.
♡ I look into your eyes and they promise me beautiful and wonderful things, which they keep secret from me.
♡ I met you and then I met all the love and passion that I was capable of feeling for a person.
♡ All my love and my passion are only for you and for you.
♡ You are my paradise, I don't care about the others who say they exist out there.

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