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Love messages for my girlfriend or boyfriend

I love you like this ... Without thinking and without measures. Without sanity, without questions, without logic. I love you like this ... As simple as I write it. As simple as I feel.

The most beautiful and charming phrases for my girlfriend or boyfriend

♡ On this day I want you to know something very important… that you are everything to me.

♡ The day I met you was the most beautiful of my life. The day I met you, all my dreams came true.
♡ You and me, together, forever, for life and beyond ... I want to, I hope so.
♡ I don't love you with my heart because the heart stops. I love you with the soul, because the soul is eternal.
♡ I do not despair, but do not forget that I am waiting for you here.
♡ The smile is mine, but the reason is you ...
♡ From so much I dream of you, I don't know if I have you in my mind, in my life or in my heart ...
♡ My love for you is infinite, always remember it, remember it if you ever have doubts.
♡ For you I feel what I never felt for anyone, what no one will ever feel for you.
♡ From so much dreaming of you, my pillow has already learned your name and recites everything I tell you in my dreams at dawn.
♡ Crashing into your mouth would be a serious accident, but I gladly assume the consequences.
♡ You are what I think about the most day and night, because my strongest feelings already bear your name.
♡ The smile that I am missing here today is there hanging from your mouth.
♡ Kiss me and you will see the stars, love me and I will give them to you ...
♡ For me there is no better hobby, than thinking about you, nor better occupation than loving you.
♡ The clock is the owner of time, but you are the owner of my time ...
♡ How not to look for you if I love you. How not to write if I think about you. How not to wish you if I dream of you. How not to care about your life, if I love you.
♡ Even if one day you have to go, I will continue to love you like the first day, always.
♡ My love for you grows every minute, every second. When you finish reading this message, it will be much older, I assure you.
♡ Be silent. Stay with me. Even if you go ...
♡ I love you like this, with low silences and strong beats. I don't know in how many ways, but I love you all ...
♡ With words you can have my body vibrating between your hands, but with deeds you will have my naked soul in your arms.
♡ I stumbled on your smile, it was not enough and in the end I want to keep everything.

Tender love messages for my relationship

♡ Thank you for existing, without you the nights would be darker, without you love would only be one more word, without you I would not have known happiness. Thank you.

♡ With you I learned that there is nothing more beautiful than a relationship between two and I understood that ours is love.

♡ You are only missing a moment on my side and I can't help it, I miss you. I wish I could always have you here, close to my skin and my heart.

♡ My message for you is short and simple: "I love you like nobody else, I love you more than you can love."

♡ You are light in the garden of my life. Never turn off!
♡ Being with you and sharing the two together has been the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life, it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in love.

♡ I don't know if I like you, or I love you, if I love you, or I need you, all I know is that I love the feeling I have when I'm with you, only with you.
♡ I love you like this because once you saw me tremble and instead of covering me, you undressed with me.
♡ My fears disappear when you hug me and whisper in my ear that you love.
♡ There is no better poem than the one you write with your kisses on my skin.
♡ I don't love you for the beauty of your face or the perfection of your body, it would be so easy to forget you. I prefer to love you for the beauty of your soul, the simplicity of your actions and the sweetness of your words, that is why it will be so difficult to forget you.
♡ You are the fire that ignites my flames, the force that flaps my wings, the key that touches my soul.
♡ I would like to lose myself with you where no one looks for us, where we are silence and where we can be a dream.
♡ Your kisses are like gold nuggets for me, without great value, but precious, because they indicate that there is a mine nearby.

Messages and cute things full of tenderness for my partner

♡ My favorite coffee will always be the one in your eyes ...
♡ To show you jealousy is to confess that I really care about you.
♡ In this message I send you my heart, he no longer wants to live with me, he only dreams of being with you, I give it to you to see if he is happy.
♡ Any day of these I die, of the desire to kiss you that I have.
♡ With this message there is a big kiss for you, my wishes to see you and my heart.
♡ I don't want to think about you and not have you anymore.
♡ Talking about you with others is filling my lips with "I love him", "I adore him" and love.
♡ You whispered "I love you", you looked at me and then time stopped.
♡ My love for you is tender like the roses in my garden, but strong like its thorns
♡ It is enough for me to know that you love me, that you live with me and that your heart is mine. It is enough for me to know that I have your love, but sometimes I still want more.
♡ Since I met you the past does not exist. Since you came to me, the future is only you.
♡ I exchange kisses for smiles and happiness for a lifetime with you.
♡ My time passes disoriented in this silence of you and in this crazy desire to have you close.
♡ I found war in your pupils, but I fell in love with the peace of your gaze.
♡ Sometimes it happens that my eyes scream what my heart feels and what I cannot express with words.
♡ If you see me for some of your thoughts, hug me because I'm feeling lonely.
♡ I get lost in my thoughts and browse your memories. It's the most beautiful way to lose myself when I'm without you.
♡ I may not know where to go, but if I find your arms, I would know where to stay ...

♡ I don't get tired of writing to you, I don't get tired of calling you, I don't get tired of thinking about you, because you are not here.
♡ You are my partner now and I hope you are for life, because a love like ours has no end, it will never end.
♡ By your side, difficulties or vicissitudes do not matter, with you until the end of the world.
Come and turn my body into a firmament of kisses and caresses.
I am yours because you have the power to possess me, without even having me close.
Everything I have, what I am and what I will be, is only for you, always.
Here I am standing in front of love, without armor on, with a beating heart and complete feelings, without fear of tomorrow of an uncertain future.
Here you have me on the edge of the abyss, feeling strong, knowing that you are my vice, my trap, my starting from scratch, always You, my desire.


Love messages, love messages for her, love messages for him, deep love messages for her,

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