Love qoutes, Love phrases for you, that do not leave my mind and my heart,

Love qoutes,

 Letters to tell you with text messages, all this crazy passion that fills my heart and so that you know my most intimate and sincere feelings.

Words of love and affection inspired by you

♡ You always persist in my mind, at all times, despite everything and despite everyone.
♡ Hopefully you now, us, together, forever. If only.
♡ A kiss from you is a forbidden dream for me. A request that I keep for the genie in the bottle, in case I find him one day.
♡ Of each sigh, of each sad or happy thought of mine, the cause is you. It is unavoidable.
♡ From so much dreaming of you every night, I think that when I wake up I already deserve to find you next to me.
♡ They say that time puts everything in its place. I hope I put you here by my side.
♡ Every time you look into my eyes, in them you will only find love for you. I don't think of anything else other than you.
♡ Even though I can't see you, I feel you, like you're here.
♡ At night, during the day, dreaming, talking with others, you don't leave my mind, you are always there reminding me that you are not here by my side.
♡ My pillow is the secret accomplice of my dreams of passion with you.

♡ I still have in my mouth the taste of your kisses and inside me I keep the aroma of your skin.
♡ Being with you must be like being in paradise or in heaven, I suppose and waiting for it madly.
♡ I don't need many people to be happy in my life, just one. When you come, there are plenty of others.
♡ You make me so happy, that what I want the most is to do twice as much for you.

♡ All day, all night, looking for you in reality, in my dreams and thinking of you.
♡ Everyone falls in love sometime, but you are the TIME of my life.
♡ I warn you now that tonight I will dream of the kisses that you have not yet given me ...
♡ When you look at me you touch me, even without even touching me.
♡ When I hear your name, my heart smiles ...
♡ The caresses and kisses that I haven't been able to give you yet, are only yours and they wait for you.
♡ By day I can't touch you, but at night I have you, in my dreams.
♡ I in silence ... are you in my mind. There is no other reason.
♡ It was enough for me to meet you, hear your voice, see your smile and I fell madly in love. It was only two minutes and I fell in love forever.
♡ I have several goals: your caresses, your kisses, your love.
♡ Every time you smile, it is as if you write me and dedicate a love poem.
♡ Anywhere I can draw your name on a heart, it's like telling the world that I love you.
♡ When you kiss me, it is as if you made love to my lips.
♡ For all the wars I have on a daily basis, you are my strength.
♡ A million desire for you, how much I keep them and you have not just arrived.
♡ You are that medicine that allows me to breathe. With you the air tastes like happiness. If you miss me, I drown.
♡ When I least expected it, I found you and even though my life was going well, you made it much better, you made it almost a dream.
♡ Impossible that I can stop thinking about you, or even thinking about it, because in you I found what more than I had dreamed of.
♡ Although it is only minutes that I spend by your side, they are the best moment of my whole day.
♡ Thinking of you is like dreaming without sleeping, it is the most beautiful fantasy, it is knowing that I finally found happiness.
♡ You hug me and I always want five more minutes. That is why I understand that by your side, it is my place.
♡ I love you enough to hold you tight and never let go of you, whatever they say.
♡ I don't know how you managed to get so deep inside me, that you are always on my mind.
♡ I love you like nobody will ever love you, like nobody will ever love you.
♡ I can't tell you anything else that I miss you, even if I part with you for a day, an hour or just a minute, I miss you.
♡ One day you suddenly entered my heart, to stay and never leave, to live inside it forever.
♡ I take you with me everywhere and I can't wait to be by your side again.
♡ There is something about you that attracts me a lot, like never before; something about you that makes me just want to be with you, for whatever, but with you.
♡ I dream of you all night, but that is not enough for me and I also dream afterwards throughout the day.
 Thinking of you is my hobby, my habit and what I do, when you are not with me.
♡ Hold your hand, my best antidepressant. Kiss your lips, the entrance to paradise.
♡ I don't know what you did, how you entered me, how you took over my thoughts ... I don't know.
 Your smile is what makes me dream and think that I am the cause of your happiness and joy.
♡ If a compass existed in my heart, surely the north would always be you.
♡ You came to me to stay forever, to live here with me inside my heart.
♡ It seems that your charm or your magic is very strong, because I think of you all the time.
♡ Only one person always on my mind: you. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, always you.
♡ For me, you are the most important thing in my life, what I cannot forget, what never leaves my mind.
♡ I never tire of telling you how much I need you and how much I love you, because only you live in my illusions and in my dreams.
♡ The day you miss me if necessary I will look for you all over the world, because without you there is no happiness, without you I think I will die.
♡ You are that which can not be missing in my life, even if it does not reach anything else.
♡ It's you and nobody else but you, all the time with me in my thoughts.
♡ I miss your warmth next to me, but not your kisses; I carry those deep within me.
♡ Luckily no one can love you like I love you, and no one can love you like I do. Impossible.

♡ For you I keep in my chest, something that no one can ever give you, my love.
♡ If someone tells you they love you, don't believe them, because they're lying. No one can love you like me.
♡ I love you, that's why you always live in my mind and feed my dreams of happiness.
♡ And if they ask you if someone loves you, just tell them that I love you too much, more than you can love.
♡ I'm going to sleep and you accompany me. In the morning I wake up and you are here, to accompany me all day.
♡ I'm not jealous of you, because you never leave my side.
♡ You do not leave my mind when we are far and neither when I am with you. They say that obsession, I say that it is adoration for you.


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