valentine's day : Phrases of love to declare and fall in love


Phrases of love to declare and fall in love

valentine's day : Phrases of love to declare and fall in love
Romantic messages to dedicate to the person I like, the one I want to give my heart and my life to, to confess all that I am feeling in my heart.
I hope you are here by my side, now ... always, with me, to satisfy this great desire that I have for you and share with you this immense love, that I no longer know where to keep it, because it does not fit in my heart.

Original and sincere short phrases of love, to declare the passion that I feel and that I do not dare to say with words.
Words to share and dedicate with the love of my life.
Messages to water and keep the passion between a couple or relationship flourishing.

Phrases to declare and confess my love

♡ I don't know if I live to think of you or I think of you ... to live.
♡ I want you so badly, to be with you all my life.
♡ You are the reason for all my silly smiles, all my crazy thoughts and all my fantasies, which I hope will come true.
♡ Since I met you, I carry you in my dreams, but I also love you in my life.
♡ Every time I look at you I find a reason to live ... you.
♡ With you, only with you, that is my whole dream.
♡ The only special POWER I want is the POWER to be with you, forever.
♡ I confess that without you life has no meaning since I met you, since you smiled at me, since you spoke to me, since you touched my heart with your actions.
♡ My compass always points only one direction ... you.
♡ I'm still here thinking of you, like yesterday, like every day since I met you, loving you a little more and more, hoping that the same thing happens to you.
♡ I have never loved anyone like you. I want you in my thoughts, in my arms, in my heart, in my life.
♡ You smell with the smell that I want my sheets to have, the rest of my life.
♡ If your smile in photos is wonderful, I can't imagine what it will be like when I have you by my side.
♡ I want you here by my side forever and share between the two of us what life gave us. You have everything from me, my life, my love and my heart.
♡ The more I know you, the more I love you and the more I want to be with you.
♡ There are people in the world full of magic. You for example.
♡ You are exactly what I was looking for. When I saw you, I quickly realized.

Phrases of love to make you fall in love with me

♡ I like you to live only for you and bring you from the end of the world, whatever you need to be happy.
♡ I cannot explain to you everything I feel for you, it is impossible with words, but I can show you with my actions, how much I love you.
♡ Tell me yes and all my dreams will come true, that easy.
♡ Ask me for anything and promise me that you will love me, I'll take care of the rest.
♡ For your love I give anything. I am not sorry to give you anything, if I have already given you my heart.
♡ You are that chapter of my life, where my heart stopped and said: "Here I stay".
♡ I want to tell you today, in case you haven't realized yet, that I am dying for you, for you I would give anything, to have your love. I want to confess to you today that I do not live without you and that if it is not with you, I do not want to know love.
♡ Since the day I met you, I knew that you are the person of my dreams, who has told me so much, my poor heart.
♡ The law of gravity always attracts me, but only towards you.
♡ That perfume of yours smells like the love of my life.
♡ You are the most beautiful chance that has come into my life, the one that I have always been waiting for.
♡ I do not promise to solve your problems, but I do promise that you will not face them alone.

Phrases of love to dedicate to the person I like

♡ Your love, it is the biggest beat of my life.
♡ I like you very much, to have you in my arms all my life and in my heart, all eternity.
♡ Even if it's only 5 minutes that I spend with you, it's the best 5 minutes of the whole day.
♡ I love you from here to that distant planet, which you have not discovered yet. This is how I love you.
♡ I like you, like to stay with you forever.
♡ I like you a lot ... like never before, like nobody else, like I never thought that I could like someone. That's how I like you.
♡ Just tell me what I have to do to earn a kiss from you, ask me what you want.
♡ Long before I met you I already dreamed of you.
♡ I like exactly how you are, how I met you, how your parents made you, how I fell in love with you.
♡ With you I would dedicate myself to ART. A bes ... art, hug ... art, mim ... art, and above all to am ... art.
♡ I don't want to be your insomnia, I want to be your dream twenty-four hours a day.
♡ By your side, every silence becomes a song and every minute is worth gold, which I keep in my heart, for when I don't have you.
♡ It doesn't matter if you need me today or tomorrow. There will always be room for you in my mind.
♡ I carry you in my heart, wherever I go, whatever I do, you are well inside here.

Phrases of love to declare and tell what I have inside

♡ No one is going to love you like I can love you, don't hesitate. I'll wait for you to make up your mind for a lifetime if necessary.
♡ You will always be the most important thing in my life, the most valuable, because I carry you in my heart.
♡ I take you inside my heart where I want it to go, but I also want your kisses and take you by my hand.
♡ My only plan with you is to fall in love with you and when I do, to love you until the end of my days. I love you.
♡ Just give me a chance and I will take you to heaven and from there you will understand how much I love you.
♡ Take me with you in your thoughts, in your days, in your desires and always keep me there. Take me with you always, as I carry you.
♡My love only belongs to one person and that person is you.
♡ I fell in love with you, as I never fell in love with anyone, as I can never fall in love ever again.
♡ At night the Moon shines, by day the Sun shines, but your face always lights up my heart.
♡ I began to love you little by little, slowly, calmly, with caution ... Until I decided to take a risk and love you as I know how to do it, intense, with soul, heart and life; With all of me.
♡ I'm going to love you so much that even if you sleep in another bed, you're going to dream of me.
♡ The day we met, that day I knew, that you would be my eternal and sweet love.
♡ I love you, as I can only love you.
♡ I love you and there are few things I do as well as loving you… It comes out so well for me, because it comes from my heart.
♡ I confess, I am addicted to your smile, your look, your voice, your eyes and all that together at the same time. I am addicted to you, incurable and hopelessly lost.
♡ I want to be with you forever, only with you, for everything. Maybe just what I'm looking for is to screw my heart with you.
♡ I fell in love with you, completely, to the bottom, without control, without going back, as simple as I tell you, I fell in love.
♡ Miles should be noted, that I want you inches from me ...
♡ With you I would go anywhere, as if I have to accompany you to the end of the world.
♡ I promise to make you die laughing and resurrect you with kisses, when I have you in my arms.
♡ I wish you could see how my eyes shine when I think of you and when I talk about you.
♡ I thank God to coincide with you in this world and in this life, because I feel that I am for you and that you are for me.
♡ Falling in love is cute and beautiful, but the truly great thing will be, when I have you here with me, by my side.

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