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People tend to think that herbal weight loss has a magic formula that will just simply put away those extra pounds in your belly. There is no such thing as magic pills or formulas to get rid of your fats. One should understand that herbal weight loss comes in a variety of ways on how it can trick your brain into thinking that your body feels it’s already full. Some herbs can trick your brain into thinking your stomach is full. But not all of them function in the same way as some of them speed up the body’s metabolism- thermogenically.

What and How Thermogenic Herbs Work

The term thermogenically comes from the commonly used term of fat burning supplements (thermogenics) which suggest that it has something to do with temperature. Accordingly these supplements help to increase the body’s temperature and thus enable the body to burn your body fats thereby preventing it from getting in stored in your body system. These are one of the types and forms where herbal weight loss can have its very good effects on our body systems. To be effective these supplements should contain the key ingredients and work in tandem to create a fat burning environment. It may also help in lessening your appetite to eat.

These herbs are mostly classified as stimulants and mostly contain substances like caffeine. What it does is it will speed up your digestion, heart rate and respiration. These are mostly found on green tea, dandelion and nettle. These herbal weight loss are very safe and can be as safe as your over the counter weight loss drugs..

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Caution about Herbs

According to the FDA there is a herbal ingredient for slimming and diet teas that can be hazardous to your health.

Namely ephedra also known as Ma Huang can have possible health hazards which ranges from high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, nerve damage, injury, insomnia, tremors, and headaches to seizures, heart attack, stroke, and death.

Herbal Ingredient Lobelia which also known as Indian tobacco has possible health hazards like kidney disease, possible leading to permanent kidney failure.

While all these health hazards about herbal supplements, do not despair as there are those that are very safe to use. Does this lead one into weight loss surgery? Possibly not. Herbal weight loss is safe as long as you know which type herbal supplements are bad for your health.

I would still say that herbal weight loss is safe as long as you which are the ingredients to avoid. But if you are not comfortable with it there are always other alternatives like weight loss surgery and other lose weight programs and plans.

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