Muscle: Top 15+1 best tips to build fast Real muscle

 TOP 15+1 best tips to build fast Real muscle


I’m sure you have read for a lot of times top 5, 10 or 100 most important, best advices for building fast muscle. I did as well. But now I see there is a lot of mistake. Few parts of these tips are not completely right or just should not be here in the top list. That is why I checked all of the most top tips and correct the lists mainly for beginner women and men to make the best muscle building tips.

Now Let’s see the beginner top rules for fast building muscle:

1. Eat more calories!

Almost all skinny guys don’t eat enough. Like me at past. I always meet them in the gym, sometimes I also ask them: “What did you eat yesterday?” The reply is ridiculous. I thought to myself, I understand why You looks like that… They never take my advices and will never be reach their goals. I was a very bony boy. I needed to raise the calories into the sky. If you don’t consume enough calories, then you aren’t growing. This is the simple truth! Two rolls is nothing!

  • Plentiful good proteins. These are like bricks for building house.
  • More carbohydrate for reload your energy store.
  • Good fats. These contain more calories than protein or carb.

2. Are you a beginner? Do first basic and compound exercises

Yes. Every recruit should start with simple basic exercise. Recently I have started to train a guy, who has never been in a gym, who has never felt really his muscle burning. I showed him only simple standard exercises and I know these ones necessary for the beginners, not the dangerous, complicated and stupid machine practices when he can’t feel the real muscle pump. Check this out and try these and similar for get muscle in the beginning periods:

  • bench press (o°)
  • dumbbell hammer curl
  • barbell curl
  • dips for triceps
  • skullcrusher
  • standing military press
  • one arm dumbbell row
  • wide-grip lat pulldown on machine (it’s a exception because a beginner can’t pull up oneself, so the machine is needed)
  • barbell squat and walking lunge……etc. You see these are the basics and there is no machine!

Find more similar simple staff first for get the feeling and experience!

3. Learn the correct exercise moves

Youtube is full with stupid videos where you can see unlucky people to do everything but not training. Don’t join to them. Learn the correct exercises. First use less weight during learning time. The keywords is

  • SLOW Motion, don’t do an uncontrolled, short, jerky motion
  • work in FULL range of motion
  • feel your muscle is BURNING!
  • STOP for two sec at the end of POSITIVE PHASE, this moment is highly valuable to growing muscle
  • don’t let your EGO lead you, most of people use too heavy weight. I hope, You won’t!

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4. Sleep 7-8 hours

Get 7-8 hours of quality deep healthy sleep each night. It is an other basic stuff. Short variable sleeping period can kill muscle gains even if your training and nutrition are in good order. I know, there is a lot of difficulty (too much work or overtime, family, children, correspondence education beside work…etc) I tell you the truth, I can’t keep that rules every day neither, but I try. For instance last night I slept six hours, it occur when things is piled up. But I still ask You take this advice like a treasure and GET THE MOST OUT OF IT!

5. Set long term goals

You have to define your medium or long term fitness goals. Think clean mind. Make rational, achievable targets. It will motivate you to do everything for that. For example if you are fatty (260pound and 6 feet) you should to lose weight first. This is a clean thinking!

6. Make a diet plan

Know your daily calorie intake and make a plan for daily meals with the necessary nutrition what support your intake. Trust me only the beginning is hard. If you have no that, than may you eat messed up and may you sometimes miss a meal, miss 500kcal. It can destroy muscle building, all of it. Take multiple meals every day (five minimum). A simple plan will keep you on the road. Here you can make yourself an effective diet plan.

 7. Train harder than past week

Lot of people just train every day and change nothing. Development weeks by weeks to positive direction are the most important. If you have seen nothing, believe me you are doing something wrong. You have to try that:

  • Can you lift little more weight?
  • Can you do more reps with similar load?
  • Can you do similar reps with similar weight, but in less time!?

If you can do one of them week by week, you are absolutely on the right direction.

8. Make a training plan and note your result

A good training plan is basic. The bodybuilder train his/her muscles divided. They train every day another part of body. You can find on the internet a lot of good ones. The plans contain what day what muscle should train, and different exercises, reps for each day.

Write your daily training result. Almost all people skip it, because he don’t know why is so important. The main bodybuilder rules are Do harder than the last week. If you have no idea how many reps did you do exactly, how you know how many reps you need to do for raising for OVERLOAD.

9. Change continuouslyBe open for new things!

Every day is a learning day not just for life at the gym for training. Keep your eyes open. Learn new techniques exercises; follow the latest exploration only from trusted sites. Personally I always look to others in the gym and try some new things what I like. Time to time have to change something. Otherwise your body will be addicted and the positive results aren’t coming. Always show to your body a little unexpected surprise!

10. Forget the sugars for a life!

I’m sure you heard that so many times. Please take this advice! Consume high amount of sugar only with post-workout drink (not for fat burning). O.K. There is a compromise. Don’t have to be a crazy. I also cheat a little at family or friend holidays and other special day but it is rarely not every day.

11. Cook yourself

Every success bodybuilders, fitness athletes make him/herself delicious healthy food keeping in mind the goals (lose fat, gain muscle). The only trusted way to make sure what you eat is the cooking yourself. In this case you’ll know your food contains the necessary amount of nutrients.

12. Drink plenty of water!

Water is one of the most essential components of human life. 70% of our body is water. A major part of lean muscle is water. What do you think is it necessary to you? Drink 1 liter water for every 22 lbs body-weight; regardless your gender. So if you are 90lb, consume minimum 4 liter. Obviously this value could rise at summer. Other things what do not forget the sugared soft drink, soup…etc is not good for water recharge! Only the pure water.

13. Avoid hydrogenated vegetables fats for a life!

It isn’t exactly a tip for gaining muscle, but I think for the best result you need to avoid all of them how all successful builders do. These bad, junk fats don’t let to absorb the quality carbs into your muscle. It cause reduced energy level ergo it destroy your training performance! Scientists have published that lot of times, but the simple people don’t take it seriously or just not heard that. I personally felt a huge different when I ate such things my stomach is just working long hours. I had no full power, full feeling in my muscle and the workout showed it well. It was a big bul…it!

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14. “Stay hungry” and patient

How in other sports, here is also basic rule the PATIENCE. Give time to your body, diet plan, workout plan. Always do the best and hardest at training, diet and rest. If you get these the only thing what you can do is to wait calmly and enjoy the great results.

15. Use dietary supplements, mainly high quality complex post workout protein shake

 Yes, but buy only what really needful. The lobby, media, the supplement producers are working to increase (or just keeping) their marketing and sales volume at every day all the time. Long ago I bought a lot of unnecessary staff pre-workout supplements, low quality cheaper proteins, L-carnitines, special creatine formulas…etc. The healthy, complex food is better than that, except the post workout drink.

Now LISTEN TO ME!! If you are beginner please don’t spend money for expensive additional product. Don’t trust in the good marketing advertisement. They do not care only the money not your result. I tell You what needed:

  • healthy foods every day with enough protein, quality carbs and a little good fats and lot of vegetables
  • post-workout meal, what contain high quality WHEY protein (not necessary the beef) and fast carb (glucose enough)
  • for breakfast a cheaper solution less WHEY protein with oat, but you can eat eggs, cottage cheese….etc

15+1 Please train your legs

I thought it’s worth to be on the list. It’s time to talk about leg day what nowadays already a bromide thing. You’re making a huge mistake if you aren’t training your legs and calves. Your lower half is some of the biggest muscles in your body. I always meet guys who miss leg days. They are all ridiculous peafowl. I don’t want to lie you I also belonged to them. I didn’t take seriously to train my legs. I was convinced that is enough, but I done my first successful fat loss diet period and lose 37 pounds. After that my legs seems like two thin sticks. It was a big mistake, because an underdeveloped muscle group to bring up for the other more advanced muscle level is so hard and need a lot of extra time. Now I bring up my legs with hard work.

I present some best reasons to train your lower body, because friends don’t let friends skip leg day“:

  • Increase muscle, accelerate fat loss and metabolism
  • Increase strength of middle body
  • You’ll feel yourself a better athlete
  • You can burn more calories
  • Improve your upper and lower body muscle balance problem
  • If you are man, You can wear short at summer in the beach and the girls won’t call you peafowl :)

So I hope my tips clean your mind and help to understand the basic bodybuilder knowledge. If you keep it seriously and use this list day by day, you’ll get what you want. Otherwise everybody will respect you!

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