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SIX PACK: The secret easiest way – You should know



Nowadays the internet is full with FALSE, MISLEADING, MIRACLE, FASTEST six pack trick, “super” exercise….etc. I’m glad, finally I can say that all of them are bu…hit! Sorry but it’s the truth. They take the advantage of the uninformed disappointed people and cut the big money. I’m sorry them. Maybe you belong to them. I would be happy, if everybody be able to read this article, where I want to uncover all six pack tricks (scams) and clean the heads. Lot of times when I’m in the gym, I always meet a guy, how tell me; “I want to lose fat from my abs” Suddenly I think what a hell –  only from your abs? I told him: “Hey it’s impossible, you can lose fat from all body or nothing”. There is no local fat burning process. Never was and never will! Think about that, if a girl want to lose fat from legs and she do  regular squats every day, will his legs be slim? No. On the other hand doing day by day hundred abdominal crunch won’t generate anything.

I told you a lot of things, but where is the point. So what will help you to reaching real Six Pack? The answer is an EFFECTIVE FAST FAT LOSS DIET. Yes. I promise you this is the only way. OTHER all tips are SCAM… Every man and woman who has great ABS went through on a simple diets, ate less and did some sport activity. You need to reduce your body fat percentage.

Check these picture. This guy knows something, doesn’t he?

Look at me! At this time, right now when you are reading this post, this sentences you have six or eight pack depending on genetics. Like on the image above  Just fat covers it. What I said, a great easy diet can help you to burn that over.

Furthermore to get a spectacular muscle form You have to do ABS gainer exercises as well. This is an absolutely similar muscle like biceps, back, shoulder. It is also need training for gain for shaping. WHEN YOU DO ABDOMINAL CRUNCH, YOU “JUST” TRAIN IT, DON’T BURN FAT FROM THERE.


There is a lot of  exercises. I tell you what is good for me by my experience and what I see in the builder word.

  • standard crunch  (for rectus)
  • standard crunch, legs on exercise ball  (for rectus)
  • decline crunch (for rectus)
  • cable crunch (for rectus)
  • decline oblique crunch (for oblique)
  • dumbbell side bend (for oblique)

You see, it is not too much. Trust me these abdominal workout tips absolutely enough. All of them can isolate all parts of that. I highlighted, what I do every week and I easily recommend this to you. Do minimum one for rectus and one for oblique. If you feel your body is to easy, use more dumbbell or weight plates. But moderately! Never allow to your ego mess up your exercises. It’s a typical problem. 

BUT, the successful fat burning depends especially from your personalized diet plan and your physical activities. I suggest you a combination of weight workout and aerob training. This is the most effective mode to destroy your fat store. Anyone say to you “better” method. Sorry, but it’s not truth. Just take a look to the bodybuilders. What do you see always? AWESOME SIX PACK all of them. I feel it’s enough evidence. :)

Oh…..I almost forget something. This article is completely fit for the women as well. All of that rules is the same at women, the diet, exercises…etc. I think, not just me is who like she in red dots bikini with that amazing ABS.


If you have no idea where you can start it, but you want it immediately, just take a look my real most effective fat loss diet technique what I learned from top bodybuilders and use it asap. There is no easier way like that, because THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY! No one was disappointed, you won’t be too.

Good Luck Bro!

six pack: How to build Six pack secret tips

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