Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day 2024


Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day 2022

Not Christmas, not Blue Monday, not your birthday. The most controversial day of the year is approaching. Valentine's Day 2024: in defense of the people who like to celebrate this controversial date. You may have noticed that for a few years (maybe forever?), On February 14, Valentine's Day has had a great opposition, and in part we understand it, especially from the perspective of the fight against it. romantic and normative love , and against the commodification of good feelings.

However, now that we live in a reality of cynicism, isolation and ideological polarization, celebrating love is more necessary than ever. But we are not going to tell you what kind of love you have to celebrate. That's the interesting part of Valentine's Day: getting into his speech to take it apart from within. Or at least, to make it more diverse. We talked about all this with Leticia Galeón, a psychologist nominated for the Doctoralia Awards .

An excuse to celebrate love

It is clear that we cannot put a gun to your chest so that you join February 14, so we will try something better: question some common place (that of which feelings must always be demonstrated: obvious) and explain what is positive about it. “Valentine's Day is the one chosen to commemorate something, in this case love. This does not imply that the rest of the year this aspect is forgotten , just as Father's Day is commemorated and it does not mean that we forget about them later. It is only a tribute to something as beautiful as love ”, recalls Leticia.

“For the couple it can be a time to give each other a gift if they so decide, or to have lunch or dinner together, toasting whatever they want . The way to celebrate is something that is agreed upon and that can give a different touch to routine days, if you wish, ” she continues. “Obviously, the fact of having a detail with our partner or preparing a more special dinner does not have to do only with Valentine's Day. In our country we have a lot of culture to celebrate and celebrate, and Valentine's Day and love are all the more reasons for it ”. No one can force you to celebrate it or tell you how to do it. 

You don't have to spend

"For me, this day has no rules. It can be an opportunity to unleash the imagination and pay tribute to love as we want." As we said before, why not reformulate Valentine to eliminate the idealized and normative component? "Love does not feel only for the couple, right? We also love our family and friends . Why not celebrate this day with them? There are many people who do not have a partner and celebrate San Solterín with others who are on their own. situation. Reinventing yourself is allowed. "

There are people who even celebrate Valentine's Day at work. “It does not hurt to innovate and celebrate this day at the office or with our colleagues, because in the end love is union. We can celebrate the bonds of union that we have with our colleagues, of affection, trust and support, which although they are not love in the traditional sense , are values ​​closely linked to it. Let's celebrate that similarity if we feel like it. It will make us have a good time and strengthen our relationships ”, proposes Leticia. Another interesting idea: why not dedicate it to ourselves, as a day of self-care?

Tips for everything to work on Valentine's Day 2024

Finally, we asked Leticia for some tips that can help us see Valentine in another way . What can we give away to get out of the comfort zone and not buy the usual product? Ideas for a nice plan that is not the typical one? Recommendations for that first date that we have reserved for this special day?

The ideal gift

Emotional gifts are those that people classify as having the highest quality. I refer to details with sentimental and personal connotations , such as something made by ourselves, a special place, writing a letter or making a poem, creating a song or dedicating a ready-made one, cooking the other's favorite recipes ... They have a special meaning for the person who receives it and for whom it is given.

Different plans

A different plan for this day is also a great idea. Surely you have pending to do an excursion , a place to visit or an experience to live. Let's stop putting it off.

The first date

If you have a first date, I would recommend avoiding the typical and scheduled dinners, as there is nothing established yet and it can be uncomfortable for either of you. Something simple, natural, like any day: start by going for a drink or see something in particular , and then let the situation flow itself. If both of you feel comfortable, the plan will take shape.

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