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Love messages for two lovers

Anywhere in the world is perfect, if I have you by my side.

Love messages

Phrases of love to send to that person who lives in your heart and you cannot, nor do you want to get rid of your feelings.

Words of love for two madly in love

♡ In this message of mine there is a kiss for you and my wishes that you will always be you for me.
♡ Don't listen to my mouth, believe only my heart, which confesses to you with these words, how much I love you, my love.
♡ It is useless to hide it more, if my eyes confess it to you, that you madly and madly, I have fallen in love.
♡ Seeing you is the most beautiful moment of my whole day. Seeing you is being happy.
♡ I just want to be under your sky, I am not interested in any other, not even paradise.
♡ Sometimes I think I like you, then you come, you smile at me and I realize that I love you.
♡ Only you and me and no one else, hopefully always, for life.
♡ I like you very much and if you let me love you, I promise that I will make you happy, as you have never been.
♡ I would like to be able to hug you so tightly, that the desire to see you that I have is broken.
♡ If you feel that I sigh when I am by your side, it is that I want to hug you.
♡ If admiring with strength is loving, then my admiration for you is immense.
♡ If I bump into a genie and he asks me what I want, the answer will always be your name.
♡ My love sorrows have a name, my happiness also. They both have the same, yours.
♡ To be happy I don't need to go to heaven, just be by your side, with that I have.
♡ Falling in love with you was crazy, but a crazy thing that I will never regret and that I will never be able to forget.

♡ There are people who make our day happy. You more than that, you make my life happy.
♡ The darkness does not matter, if you smile at me.
♡ In my mind I always have conversations with you. Is it dementia or is it love?

Stories of two madly in love

♡ Every night a different love story, every night you and I, two madly in love.
♡ My goal for this week: conquer you. For this month: fall in love. Forever and for life: love you.
♡ Since we are together, each sunrise is different for me, it is another day with you, another day to love you.
♡ Falling in love with you, has been the best thing that has happened to me, that you love me too, it is the best of gifts.
♡ An hour without you is a punishment. It is an hour without seeing you, without touching you and without kissing you, a torture for me.

♡ The messages that I send you daily, not only carry words, but also pieces of my heart, which travel to see you there in the distance.
♡ If this was the last day of my life, I want to tell you that I love you and that I will never forget you.
♡ It doesn't matter that I can't have you now, if I know that you are only for me and no one else.
♡ Any day at any time, rain or snow, cold or hot, always ... I love you.
♡ With you nothing else is needed, you include everything I need.
♡ If you are not going to be in my dreams, I prefer not to sleep.
♡ I want a coffee now, but that includes you. That's what I want.
♡ The only thing I always need, what I can never lack, is you.
♡ I see you and then my heart beats like crazy and I am full of hope ...
♡ I welcome you to my heart. I am one of the people that when I let someone in there, it is to always love them.
♡ My love for you is forever and even if one day we finish, it won't my love.
♡ My love for you is true, it will not be affected by problems, nor will it be weakened by time, much less distance.
♡ I have a great defect: I do not know how to love little by little, slowly, or half. I always want big, as I love you.
♡ For me, your love will always be art, the most beautiful, the most special.
♡ In my playlist, the only song that I always have is you.
♡ You are the best thing that has happened to me and the best thing that I want to keep happening to me ... forever.
♡ With just two words I'll tell you everything I'm thinking now: "I need you."
♡ When you feel that I hug you in silence, it is because I want to say "I love you" loudly.
♡ You came into my life and light, joy, happiness arrived. Never walk away
♡ And then when I realized it and tried to stop, I already loved you ...
♡ If one day I miss you, I will look for you. I'll go after you to the end of the world if necessary.
♡ With you, until the end of the world ... and beyond if necessary.
♡ Here by my side or there far away, if ever fate takes you, I will continue to love you the same, it is impossible not to.
♡ Kiss me a lot, kiss me to charge my batteries, forgive my heart, in case you are not here tomorrow.
♡ My thirst for you is infinite, it never ends, it is never satisfied, it always wants more and more.
♡ Your eyes my temptation. Your hand my connection. Your kisses the only medicine that cures the fever of my heart.
♡ And if life one day takes me away from you, I will lose my heart because it will go with you.
♡ Can you imagine loving someone else than yourself? This is how I love you.
♡ By your side the world is more beautiful, life is more beautiful, and the sky is bluer. At your side everything is different.
♡ When you arrive, the flowers in my garden are adorned and become more beautiful. I think even they fell in love with you.
♡ If you feel cold when sleeping tonight, it is a punishment for not sleeping with me.
♡ I love you very much, but sometimes I forget it and then I fall in love with you, all over again.
♡ If you feel that I melt your phone from calling you so much, do not be angry, it is that I cannot be without hearing your voice.
♡ If you think that the naughty air makes you disheveled, it's not the air, it's me that I miss you so much that I want to get your attention.
♡ The flowers are adorned and it seems that they have a party when you arrive, the day is more beautiful, the life more beautiful.
♡ Loving you is just the beginning, the next step is loving you with the heart.
♡ When I tell you: "take care of yourself a lot, a lot", I am really saying: "I love you very, very much".
♡ Your eyes light up my life, your words open the world to me, your hand takes me to heaven.
♡ I like you when you smile, but I love it because I know it's because of me.
♡ I don't care if there is money or not, what matters to me is knowing that I am in your heart.
♡ Your kisses are essential. I can't understand, how I could live without them until now, how I could live without you.

Messages to tell you everything I love you

♡ As much as they have loved you, no one ever loved you like me. I'm going to show you if you let me.
♡ There are things that I cannot change, for example that I like you and I love you. Sorry, but I can't help it.
♡ I never thought that I would miss someone so much, that someone would matter so much to me, that someone would make me so happy, as you make me.
♡ I met you and then everything changed in my life, luckily for the better, luckily for being happy.

♡ I keep hundreds of love songs that came true, from the day I met you.
 You have that, I don't know what it is, but it attracts me and makes me feel so happy.
♡ Impossible to stop loving you, because I began to love you, without wanting to ...
♡ Sometimes I don't know why I love you so much, other times I think I love you a little more ...
♡ Writing to you when you're not by my side is like caressing you with my messages. I can't stop doing it, I can't.
♡ You are that person who does not leave my head, the dream that I want to make come true, that which I need so much to be happy. With that I think I tell you everything, what I feel in my heart.
♡ You and me, together, forever ... and for me the world can end.
♡ I want to tell you that today I love you very much, much more than yesterday, but a little less than I will love you tomorrow.
♡ Easy to write these two letters saying "I love you". Difficult to be without you every second, every minute, every hour of my life.
♡ I never thought that falling in love with you would take away my sleep, or my appetite. I clarify, not the dream of having you, nor the appetite to devour you, that only you can take away from me.
♡ It doesn't matter if you call me at 3 in the morning, at that time I'm dreaming of you.
♡ It doesn't matter if it's only 5 minutes without seeing you, I already miss you. It does not matter if you are only a few maters from me, I miss you.
♡ After I fall in love with you, nothing is the same. After that the sky is a little bluer and the nights have more stars. Maybe I see better or maybe life is more beautiful.
♡ I don't live without you. Without you I only dream, I make plans and I imagine what it would be like to have you. That is not living.
♡ You and I met by chance, falling in love was a blessing, continuing to love each other is our decision.
♡ For you I can go to the end of the world if necessary, if only then I could have your love.
♡ Searching and searching I found you and nothing and no one will be able to tear me away from here, from your side.
♡ I never stop thinking about you, all the time, only about you.
♡ Without you I am nothing, just an empty shell inside. You arrive and I transform, then I am another completely different person, totally happy.
♡ One day I met you, I fell in love with you and since then I have been happy. From that moment nothing in life has value if you are not there.
♡ The desire for you never goes away, only you take it away from me.
♡ Nothing is complicated for me when I want to be by your side. Nothing is difficult and less impossible.

Poems to thank you for your love

Falling in love with you has been easy.
Very easy, because without thinking you gave yourself everything since you met me.
Without thinking, you thought only of me from the first moment.
Thank you.


Love messages, love messages for her, love messages for him, deep love messages for her,

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